Standard Specifications for Free-Standing Garages
Reinforced Concrete Floor 5" thick monolithic reinforced concrete floor with 8" perimeter thickness. Reinforcement is 6x6 10/10 welded wire mesh reinforcing steel with two rows of 1/2" rebar on slab bolsters around the perimeter. 4,000 psi concrete is used along with air entrainment to help protect against future salt damage. Garages my be constructed on a course or more of concrete block. The concrete is saw cut to control expansion.

Exterior Walls 2"x4" studs 16" o.c. with a pressure treated bottom plate and a double top plate with a second plate overlapping intersecting walls. Racking resistance of walls exceeds building code requirements. Interior height 8'1". Headers over single car doors are built up 4x10's with 4x6's over entry doors and windows.

Windows One 24" x 32" vinyl double hung sash unit with sash lock. Overall unit size 30" x 41".

Service Door One 2'8" x 6'8" flush steel insulated, without glass, unit with keyed entry lockset with threshold.

Roof 4/12 pitch or equivalent truss rafters utilizing 1550f stress rated chords where applicable and suitable for 55 psf loading. (NOTE: 2" x 6" rafters are unsuitable for a span over 14 ft. in the Central New York region.) Heavy duty truss rafters available for snow belt regions where loading may exceed 55 psf. 1/2" x 4' x 8' C.D. plywood sheathing under 15# felt and 240# thick butt self-sealing asphalt roof shingles. Metal drip applied along rake and fascia.

Wood Exterior Garages Siding is 5/8" Texture 1-11 with vertical grooves 8" o.c. Exterior trim consists of 1"x6" pine fascia and rake and smooth faced exterior plywood enclosed soffits (12" wide). Our standard garage doors are your choice of 9'7' or 8'x7' steel. The doors are uninsulated with no glazed section. (Check with contractor for other options.)

Vinyl Exterior Garages Siding is .042 thick and comes with a 50 year warranty. Won't dent, scratch or rust, and maintenance free (applied over 1/2" C.D. plywood sheathing in a choice of many colors and white). Exterior trim consists of white aluminum fascia and rake and 12" wide white aluminum enclosed vented soffits. Our standard garage doors are your choice of 9'x7' or 8'x7' steel. The doors are uninsulated with no glazed section. (Check with contractor for other options.)

Completion Time Specified on the contract and usually we are completed ahead of time, except where unreasonable weather or unplanned for delays occur.

Options Available See Price Sheet

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